Win a free Safari in Zambia with Will Burrard-Lucas

Burrard-Lucas Photography are running a promotion to win a safari trip to Zambia. This is a luxury trip, worth approx US$13,500. For more info, and to enter, click my “Lucky Link”  


Canon EOS 7d Mark II Front with lense

Canon EOS 7D Mark II announced!

Finally, the rumours have come true and the long awaited EOS 7D Mark II has been announced by Canon. The leaked/rumoured specs were pretty much spot on, but there were still some surprises under the hood. I hope to get my hands on one of these soon after release, but until then I can only […]

Photographic Safari – a beginners guide

An African Safari had been one of my life long ambitions until I finally got to go in 2010. We arrived in Johannesburg for a one night stay before our 10 hour drive to Kruger National Park. The excitement was building and we grabbed the opportunity to visit a local camera shop to top up on […]


EOS 7D Mark II top view

Canon EOS 7D Mark II – Coming Soon?

So, the rumour mill has been grinding a lot recently about the arrival of this long-awaited addition to the Canon lineup. It’s been 5 years since the original EOS 7D was released, and it has been hailed as one of the most successful models in the Canon range. None of the models released since target […]

Lytro Illum – The camera that rewrites the Photography rule-book

Anyone who knows me cannot deny my love of gadgets. If it has buttons, runs on batteries or plugs in, I want it. The same applies to my photography – I like experimenting. In the good old days, that involved screwing a webcam or SLR to the back of my telescope or attaching lenses backwards […]

Lytro Illum



Winter now has a good grip on the entire UK. Good job these little fellas managed to get their stash of nuts sorted out before the snow arrived.    

Who am I and Do you really know how flash sync works?

First off allow me to introduce myself, I am Greg’s Brother In Law and fellow budding photographer.  I hope to post some useful links for you and some of my own images if I ever think they’re good enough to share!  I have a lot to learn. This link in question is to a site […]


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Water Dropper/Drink dispenser

Since owning a couple of Raspberry Pi’s, many of the projects I intended to create with my Arduino were given a new lease of life. The Arduino is great for doing I/O related stuff – so camera triggers based on various sensors, controlling robots, environmental monitors and home automation amongst other things. However, getting it […]

Pimp My Dishwasher

So, I’ve been trying to think of a decent use for my Raspberry Pi that nobody else has thought of yet. And then, my dishwasher sprang a leak all over the kitchen floor. The status lights had been doing some weird stuff for a while, but normally just putting the thing on again got it […]


Industrial Photography

Last night was “Camera Club Night”, with this weeks topic of Industrial Photography. I was a little unsure of what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to be given a very informative talk by Mr Rob Marvelly, a former employee of C.E.G.B and nPower. The first half of the evening was a fascinating projected slide […]